CV: 1980-1997



VP and Chief Scientist, Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA

  1. Built and managed teams of up to 200 technologists and designers that contributed to such innovative products as Lisa, Macintosh, Color QuickDraw, QuickTime, AppleScript, HyperCard and Newton. Contributed to several patents.

  2. Positions included:

  3. 1980-86: Section Manager, Engineering

  4. 1986-90: VP, Advanced Technology

  5. 1990-93: VP, Newton

  6. 1993-97: VP and Chief Scientist, Apple

  7. Accomplishments included:

  8. Managed user interface design and software engineering for the Lisa application API and office suite. Personally conducted usability studies during the formative first year of the project.

  9. Led a staff of seven in the development of the first commercial object-oriented frameworks, the Lisa ToolKit and MacApp.

  10. Grew an advanced development team from 30 to 200 in Cupertino and Los Angeles, CA, Cambridge, MA and Columbia, MD.

  11. Expanded Apple R&D into new areas such as animation, 3-D graphics, speech synthesis, massively parallel systems, distributed computing and scientific visualization.

  12. While managing Newton, championed Apple’s investment in Advanced RISC Machines (ARM), a joint venture with Acorn plc, which had owned the ARM IP. Recruited ARM’s first CEO. Active board member for 13 years (see Board Service). Apple’s investment of less than $5 million resulted in a gain of over $800 million.